October 2, 2015

GREAT NEWS!! The title track to my album ʻApple Size Golden Clitorisʼ now has a video.

Long time chum and artist Fin McMorran has made the most fabulous film ever. My gob was truly smacked when I first saw it. I am honoured that she rose to the challenge, which was pretty tough.

Fin had to “work backwards for the first time, synching image sequences to an existing time frame based on the song”. The result is magical, hysterical and utterly unique.

A million blessings xx

Fin says on her fb page… “Let joy be unconfined. Hysterical laughter, tears, cannon shooting flowers into peacock-filled baths of champagne, a flypast of the red sparrows… Iʼve finished the music video. When it’s on YouTube you are all kindly requested to repost / like /promote and generally fawn over even if you find it strangely perverse, unduly simplistic or overly orange-coloured!And then go out and buy the album!!”

Check out Finʼs artwork/projects here