October 2, 2015

This is an idea I have had for many years…

Travelling from the UK to Germany for one private concert is costly. A ʻKitchen Gigʼ ( my word for it ) will bring me to your home, inside it in fact, where I will play music in your home or garden and raise the roof and serenade your friends, family and neighbours… AND it will be affordable, special and FUN!

Several ʻKitchen Gigsʼ in one area or Germany would create a road tour = cheaper travel. No flight costs, no hotel fees, no sound system to provide because I will bring a small one
with me…how cool is that?

Just easy internet and phone calls to invite your friends, family and neighbours.

I need: At least 25 people to be seated on seats or cushions. A bedroom for 2 or 3 nights and a parking space. My payment will be donations in a hat.

Thatʼs IT!!

Playing to smaller audiences is cosy and fun. Special and magical things happen that cannot happen on regular stages in larger spaces. Homes used to be filled with more live music than today and I am very happy about the idea of filling your home with music for an evening.

You can help these tours work by contacting your friends in other places in Germany and encourage them to book me too…

Be part of the fun and book a unique JAN ALLAIN KITCHEN GIG for 2016.

Email me and we can discuss the details.

I know this can work and I canʼt wait to make it happen!